Ted’s Woodworking is the number 1 rated woodworking plans on the internet. There are many praises and controversies about this product, and I’ve done my best to give you all the facts you need to know about it.

These are the exact woodworking plans that I use myself to build all kinds of things in the house, and it will be a disservice to the readers if I did not provide more information regarding my best-kept secrets!

We’ll drill down the things you need to know, including my personal and comprehensive Ted’s Woodworking review.

Let’s begin:

1. What is Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

To put it simply, Ted’s Woodworking is a package that gives you 16,000 and counting woodworking plans that you can use for whatever woodworking projects you can think of.

You’ll receive project schematics, detailed step-by-step guide with illustrations, concise blueprints, project dimensions, material lists, all the tools required, and useful tips and tricks to guide you along your intended projects.

The package is world-renowned and continuously voted as the most popular and helpful woodworking plans and blueprints online. In fact, it is the largest database of woodworking project plans being compiled in one place.

Here’s a short glimpse of what plans and projects are included: bed plans, arbor plans, shed plans, billiard table plans, cabinet plans, chair plans, dog house plans, kitchen projects, and pergola plans.

Please be informed that the plans listed above are just a tiny fraction of what are included. And what’s more, the above are merely a master category, which breaks down to many different subsets of project ideas.

Just an example, under chair plans, you’ll get to Adirondack chair, deck chair, rocking chair, garden chair, etc. And you don’t just get a single Adirondack chair plan; you’ll get different variations of it too…

The package initially started out as the creator’s personal vault of plans compiled from years of carpentry experience, which is now being updated almost monthly with new project plans. It is worth mentioning that these plans are compiled over 36 years and you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that is not included in it.

The plans are presented in an easy to follow, step-by-step format, which can be utilized fully by those who are brand new to woodworking. There are sufficient illustrations and the diagrams are very detailed.

If you’ve started working on some wood projects yourself, you’d agree with me that dimensions of these diagrams are absolutely critical between a successful or a disgraceful failure. The dimensions on Ted’s diagrams are spot on, so you can avoid wasting your time and money on failed projects and unused materials.

Not surprisingly, it has been reported that kids or children as young as 8 years old have managed to use these plans and started their woodworking projects with much success!

It is presented in e-book or pdf format, which can be instantly downloaded to your computer and printed out for easy reference.

A note of caution though, you wouldn’t want to print out all these plans at once – you’ll run out of paper and printer ink! Just print out the plans that you intend to work on initially, and also the guidebook (more on that later), which gives you some of the shortcuts and tips that will undoubtedly be useful.

Ted’s Woodworking package costs some initial investment, but I can assure you that it is way better than anything you can obtain for free out there. I too, started out scouring the internet for free plans and I felt cheated at the end of my failed project. I made the investment and never regretted since. Read on to find out the price of the package and where to get it.

2. Who is Ted McGrath?

By now, I’m sure you are dying to find out who is the man behind these plans and why you should trust this guy with your money and your projects. I was like you too and after some digging around, here’s what I’ve found.

Ted McGrath is a real person, who happens to be a member of the renowned Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI).

A little background of AWI, it is a respected association that has been around for more than half a decade with the mission to establish professional industry standards and educate the public on current practices. It also allows for woodworkers to network and share their ideas with one another as part of the knowledge bank.

Ted McGrath lives in Iowa and he has been featured and interviewed on various radio shows and magazines, including Entrepreneur magazine, and USA Today. His woodworking designs have been showcased internationally regularly. Based on his credentials, the credibility of this man cannot be doubted.

What impresses me most about Ted is his effort to compile such a huge collection of plans and being able to present it in such a clear and concise manner. It speaks volume about his passion about woodworking in general, and his generosity in sharing the knowledge.

He started this project with the mission to help anyone with the passion for woodworking to get started correctly, since he learned his trade the hard way by trial and error. By learning from him, aspiring carpenters can shorten their learning curves by not committing the same mistakes that Ted has encountered during his early days.

3. What is Included in the package?

Basically, the main take away from the package is the enormous vault of plans you can use right now, for any kinds of projects. We’re talking about 16000 plans at the moment, and there will be additions, in case you’re wondering.

The new plans will be free for all the members who have purchased (lifetime updates) and as long as Ted is around, you will have new projects on your list of woodworking to-dos.

Something worth mentioning about these 16000 plans – they are accompanied by easy to follow, step-by-step instructions intended for the newest of newbies, and they come with color illustrations so that your first project is as painless and effective as possible.

As part of the bonus of your purchase, you’ll be receiving DWG and CAD Plan Viewer, which allow you to edit, and create your own custom plans.

DWG is a technology environment where design data are manipulated. Most designers draw out their plans and edit them with AutoCAD software, which in turn utilizes DWG environment.

That is why you’ll notice that most detailed plans from professional designers have the extension .dwg as their file name. Think of it as your Excel file which ends with the extension .xls or .csv, or Word documents which ends with .doc. Another example is a simple text document that has the end extension .txt.

The DWG and CAD Plan viewer allows you to view, edit and create files with the .dwg format. This is really a great bonus and bargain, because similar software with the same capability costs $229 on Amazon, or $360 per year from independent retailers.

In addition to that, the package includes 150 premium video tutorials that cover a variety of woodworking topics and techniques. These videos are very helpful in honing your skills as a carpenter, and I enjoyed referring to these videos again and again whenever I’m in doubt about some of the more intricate techniques in some of my projects.

For those who have accumulated some carpentry experience and could use some additional income from their crafts, Ted has you in mind, too. Fancy selling your crafts for profits and perhaps make your hobby into a real business?

Good news for you that the package comes with an e-book on how you could build your own woodworking business by selling your homemade crafts for a profit over and over. Personally, I feel that this is hitting two birds with one stone.

On one hand, you get to sharpen your woodworking skills working on additional projects. On the other hand, you get paid doing so, when you sell off the furniture and wooden toys which you’ll have no trouble doing so after reviewing the bonus e-book.

Very soon, you’ll have a profitable hobby that makes your time and effort worthwhile!

As icing on the cake, Ted squeezes in one more very helpful bonus in the form of a woodworking guidebook that shows you many tips and tricks in general. This is perfect for beginners to learn how the professionals work their wood and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve never imagined your common tools can do! The guidebook is very detailed, and comes with beautiful color illustrations.

One thing worth mentioning is that by enrolling in this package, you’ll be getting a full year’s email support from Ted’s personal team. This is designed to get you off to a flying start, and to clear out any doubts and questions you might have. Send your questions to the email provided and you’re sure to be well taken care of.

There is also a lifetime free updates for all members of the package. Ted’s Woodworking Plans are constantly updated and as a member, you’ll get access to all the future plans at no additional costs. My experience with it is that over 2000 new plans have been added in the past 2 years. I’m sure this will not stop soon, as long as Ted is around.

4. How much is it?

Usually, the compilation of plans and all the bonuses listed above costs $297. However as an introductory offer, the price has been lowered to just $67.

This is a one-time payment, and you are backed by a 60 days money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you will get your money back with no questions asked by simply sending an email to the support team, requesting a refund.

I personally feel that this is a bargain, since I’ve used these exact woodworking plans and saved quite a bit as a result, as most of the retail furniture are grossly overpriced.

5. Who Is It For?

Ted’s Woodworking caters to individuals from all levels of experience, and it certainly has nuggets of wisdom to be gained, even for seasoned professionals.

Although the step-by-step plans, the videos, and the guidebook are geared for beginners learning to start their first projects, they certainly cover more advanced stuff that you might not have known, given the sheer amount of information being presented.

I’d say that for beginners, it is the perfect place to get started, by working on the simpler projects to first gain confidence and invaluable experience. Once you are comfortable with these DIY projects, move on to more complex projects where you will truly begin to take off from your passion and possibly your career.

For those who are more advanced, you’ll be smiling head to toe when you see so many projects that you can potentially work on, and you’ll be perfecting your skills with many time and material saving tips and tricks, and not to mention shortcuts that will be taught.

Advanced or professional woodworkers can also utilize the DWG and CAD Plan Viewer included in the package to design their own custom projects and have a glimpse of what the finished product might look like.

6. Pros

I shall attempt to list out what I personally like about Ted’s Woodworking below:
– Everything required to begin a project is listed – This is a huge time and effort saver for me, as I am able to prepare all my tools and materials before I commence a project. I am also confident of the type of wood to use and being assured of my project to be a success.

– Being able to get started quickly – Before I bought the package, I spent weeks in my spare time to get the information to get started. Not only that, I was left more confused than before, since information from many sources contain conflicting ideas and dimensions. I had to sort through the info and left with more doubts than when I started. These problems can be eradicated when you refer to only a single source from start to finish, which is exactly what Ted’s Woodworking is all about, a single point of reference.

– Plans are not complicated – I find that the plans included are very easy to follow along, and it is clearly designed with the hobbyists and beginners in mind. With the correct woodworking blueprints, anyone can work with woods and tools easily, and effectively.

– Video guides and guidebook extremely helpful – They come as part of the bonus to sweeten the investment and I especially find the video guides very useful for me. I learn so much about general carpentry from them and I recommend anyone who has access to at least review these materials before getting started. You’ll start your projects more confidently, I promise.

– Perfect marriage of quality and quantity – With an enormous vault of 16000 plans, you’d think that the quality of some of it would suffer. This is clearly not the case. Although some of the plans are presented with some differences, I still find that they are of very high quality and easy enough to be followed through.

– Excellent customer support – Did I mention that you’ll have unlimited one year access to personal support from Ted’s team as part of the purchase? I myself have used them a couple of times to clear out my doubts and I was pointed to the right direction with a single email. I wanted some clarifications regarding the loft bed plans variations and the quick response surprised me. The general support desk is very responsive as well. This is clear indication that they take their customers, or members as they call it, very seriously. But trust me, you won’t contact their support much, since the plans are super detailed and easy to understand.

7. Cons

Despite the many positives as detailed above, I found that it could have been better. You’ll need to experience yourself to draw any conclusions, but these are my personal observations anyway, for the benefits of you readers:
– Overwhelming at first – I am a guy who loses focus easily and when I was first presented with so many different variations of the thing I wanted to build, I had to consider which to actually commit to. Do I build the rocking chair that tilts a little, or one that goes all the way to the back? One with armrest or one without? One trick I’ve learned from this is, just pick one and build first and I’ll find out what I need later! If I do not like it, I’ll just sell it off (based on ideas given in the bonus e-book), or simply give it to neighbors, friends, or relatives. Anyone loves a free gift anyway!

– No difficulty ratings – Although technically, you’d be able to complete any projects listed from start to finish with the guide even if you’re a complete newbie, some projects are undeniably more complex than others, and may take you longer to finish if you have no prior experience. On the other hand, some simple and beginner friendly projects like building bookcases should be one of the first projects to start with. It will be good if the team rates them appropriately. But then again, ratings are something very subjective and it might not be so simple to be implemented by Ted’s team, after all.

– Takes time to download – This is a no brainer. With so many plans in the package, you’ll expect the download to take awhile. I personally do not find this to be an issue because I leave the download tab open while I go to sleep. Download speeds are getting faster so it could be a non-issue to you.

– Video links are not embedded in the plans – I would have preferred to have links to the related videos in the blueprint itself so that when a technique is mentioned, I could watch the video directly without searching for it in the video collection.

Some people complain of the organization of the plans but I personally do not share that, so I will not list it as one of the cons here. I think that they are organized efficiently and I could find the plans just where I think they are.

8. My Honest Ted’s Woodworking Review and Verdict

Based on my personal experience with the package, I’m able to offer my review of Ted’s Woodworking in the most objective way possible.

I certainly feel that it has helped me a lot in my woodworking venture. In fact, it was this product that truly got me started, after I decided against wasting time and effort with those free plans on the internet.

The detailed step-by-step guide and the clear illustrations were just what I needed and were super helpful for me. I am a visual person, so I learn best having a clear and informative diagram. If you are like me, then I’m sure these plans will be very helpful for you as well.

Since then, I’ve never run out of ideas of things to do and I no longer have to turn to those woodworking magazines and going through those free plans which I had bad experience with.

What differentiates Ted’s Woodworking from those free sources is that most of the free stuff is complete waste of time. I’ve encountered erroneous dimensions, unclear instructions, conflicting information, and missing crucial data, just to name a few.

While there are indeed some pretty good plans available freely, I’d prefer to have everything in one place, which is constantly updated anyway.

Whether you are a seasoned woodworker, or a total beginner like I was before, I believe you’ll have something to learn from Ted’s Woodworking that will justify the investment.

All in all, I fully endorse and recommend this product to anyone who has taken an interest in woodworking or carpentry.

The value that you’ll get is incredible and furthermore, you’re backed with a 60-day guarantee in case you find something that doesn’t sit well with you. It is a no-risk investment and I’m sure you’ll love what you’ll be receiving!

9. Where Can you Get A Copy?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my thorough review, and I have no doubt that this is the best woodworking package in the internet.

Ted’s Woodworking has been the top selling woodworking plans for the last couple of years and has helped thousands of woodworkers to build their own furniture.

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