If you have ever thought of purchasing a kids playhouse, you would have realized that a decent sized wooden playhouse often costs thousands of dollars!

However, I believed that play should be made affordable and available to all kids. And indeed it is possible if you opt to build your own playhouse.

With a set of good playhouse plans on hand, you can build one at just a fraction of this cost without much difficulty.

A playhouse is a special world for all kids. Every child dreams of a place where they can call their own, grow, discover and let their imagination run. Today’s laughter will be tomorrow’s cherished memories.

As parents or grandparents, we can make their dreams come true and help nurture such special moments with a backyard playhouse.

More importantly, this project can be easy to build and fun for you!

What Do You Need to Build a DIY Playhouse?

You really do not need much, except for these 4 things:

  • Basic woodworking skills
  • Proper tools and basic building materials
  • A weekend or two to spare
  • A good set of diy playhouse plans with detailed step-by-step blueprints and instructions

Getting Your Kids Involved

Depending on the age of your kids, they might not be able to help you with the actual carpentry work. However, you can always involve them in the brainstorming of playhouse ideas and adding the finishing touches and decorations to the playhouse.

I am sure they will benefit greatly and enjoy the building process as much as the final product.

How to Select a Particular Style from the Wide Range of Playhouse Designs Available?

There are a wide range of playhouse designs. It can be as straightforward as a gable shed with its classic lines, or added with simple but cute features such as a porch and railings, or even as elaborate as a Victorian Mansion.

There are also designs that incorporate a loft.

Other styles include classic cottages, log cabins, chalet, barn or other buildings from a classic country town such as a store.

There are even special playhouse designs like castles or even a shoe house!

Select the design that best suits your level of woodworking skills, space constraints and your child’s preference.

If you are a beginner in woodworking, a minimalist straightforward style of squares and rectangles is the safest wager. Keep the layout simple and do away with the excessively complex features to avoid giving up mid-way.

A simple panel construction design using standard dimensional lumber could be a good start.

Where to Get the Best Wooden Playhouse Plans?

Free playhouse plans are floating everywhere on the internet.

But I personally do not trust most of them. If you look at them in detail, you will realise that the majority of them have ambiguous, missing or simply wrong instructions, and often lack clear and accurate diagrams.

If you are a woodworking novice, you will often find yourself lost and wondering what has gone wrong.

Building anything can be frightening when you are new. This is especially so when you are building something for your kids to play for years.

I am sure you want to find a set of good playhouse plans that you can trust and to have the peace of mind knowing that the playhouse you built will be functional and structurally safe.

The GOOD news is that you can use the exact kids playhouse plans that I have used myself.

I highly recommend Ted’s woodworking as there are a number of playhouse designs that you can choose from. It contains high quality plans with step-by-step instructions, detailed blueprints, clearly labelled diagrams, material and hardware lists, as well as the cut list and cut layout.

Ted also shares useful tips for each project to help make the woodworking process easier and more enjoyable.

Quick tips from Ted:

  • On a big project like this, do not cut all the wood pieces all at once. Cut and fit as you go as any small dimensional discrepancies in one part can affect the dimension in the next part.
  • Always check for squares before and after tightening the clamps

What Else Can You Expect from Ted’s Woodworking?

More good news…

Not only will you learn how to build a playhouse, you will find yourself an invaluable vault of woodworking plans. Ted’s woodworking package comes packed with over 16,000 woodworking plans, amongst which are 115 woodworking plans for kids furniture!

The kids playhouse is just the start of your woodworking projects!

5 Extra Tips for Your Perfect DIY Playhouse

  1. Select a site that receives a lot of natural sunlight. This will eliminate the need and trouble of having to run electricity.
  1. Choose your wood according to your climate and use.

This is being covered in detail by Ted, so I will just highlight that pressure treated wood should be used for frame and support structures as they are resistant to water damage and bug infestation. However, do not use them for the decks and railings as the chemicals in them are a safety hazard for the kids.

If you are living in a climate with higher humidity, I would recommend Cyprus or Redwood for the deck.

  1. Make sure the ground foundation is level by setting sand and flat paving stones into the low spots.
  1. Anchor the playhouse structure to the ground as an added safety precaution.
  1. To eliminate squeaks and add extra weather-proofing measures, tack a strip of roofing felt between the floor boards and joists.

One Last Tip

Follow the instructions to a T as you will want to build a playhouse that is structurally safe for the children.

Once the structure is completed, you can customize the playhouse to enhance its aesthetic appeal and accommodate to the style of your child with the choices of paint, ornamental shutters, decorative items and fabrics.

Find Out More…

Hopefully you are now inspired to get started with building a DIY wooden playhouse for your kids on a tiny budget.

Upon accomplishing this project, the playhouse will inevitably become the focal point of your kids’ (and the neighborhood kids) backyard play area.

You will enjoy hours watching the little ones have fun in their little world, knowing that you have helped them create lots of wonderful childhood memories.

I highly recommend that you check out the high quality playhouse plans to start your project by following the link below.

Visit Ted’s Woodworking to Kickstart Your Playhouse Projects

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