Is revamping your kitchen into your dream kitchen a major project that you’ve wanted to do for some time but repeatedly put off because it is seemingly too overwhelming?

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house.

Moreover, kitchen design is very subjective and a major overhaul will cost a lot if you engage professional services.

Designing and making your own kitchen cabinets is indeed a money-saving and rewarding project once you have a good set of kitchen cabinet plans.

Is Building Kitchen Cabinets Suitable for You?

Building a cabinet requires intermediate woodworking skills. And building a whole kitchen worth of cabinets is a BIG project that can be challenging, even for someone with woodworking experience.

Hence, it is not an ideal project for a novice.

Cabinet-making is actually not very complicated. Nevertheless, to build strong, solid and attractive cabinets, you will still need a reasonable amount of time, sufficient space and a good set of cabinet plans just like any other woodworking projects.

If you are a beginning woodworker, you might want to consider taking on a smaller-scale project instead of a large-scale overhaul.

Rather than tearing out all the old cabinets, you can revamp the existing kitchen cabinets by giving them a facelift.

Alternatively, you can consider building your own cabinet boxes, which is not difficult, while purchasing the doors and drawers from online stores.

To help you enjoy the process and avoid costly mistakes, I will share with you some tips in kitchen and cabinet design, as well as where to get high quality kitchen cabinet plans.

I have built my own kitchen cabinets using plans taken off Ted’s Woodworking.

I have no doubt that you will benefit greatly from this collection of high quality cabinet making plans, regardless of your woodworking ability and experience, as there are projects of varying scale to help you build your kitchen cabinets from scratch or just remodelling your existing cabinets.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

When searching for plans to build your own kitchen cabinet, you will realise that there are 3 basic types of kitchen cabinets:

  1. Base cabinets

These cabinets sit on the floor and provide storage spaces, countertop working surface and house sinks and appliances, such as dishwasher and slide-out shelves.

  1. Wall cabinets

These cabinets are securely mounted to the wall. They typically contains a pair of shelves and a door over them. You can choose to install doors made of wood or glass.

  1. Tall cabinets

The construction of tall cabinets would be a combination of that of a base cabinet (from the floor) and a wall cabinet (at the top).

Important Considerations When You Build Your Kitchen Cabinets

Before you even start building your own kitchen cabinets, it is important that you first have a well thought-out kitchen layout, precise measurements of your kitchen space and a set of good cabinet plans with step-by-step instructions.

Here are a few tips when designing your kitchen:

1. Consider the workflow of the chef when designing the workspace.

The arrangement of refrigerator, sink and stove is commonly referred as the work triangle. The sum of the three legs in this work triangle should be between 10-25 feet to facilitate the most efficient workflow. If the triangle is too small, you will have people tripping over each other and if it is too big, it can make food preparation tiring.

2. First design the shape of your kitchen – U-shaped, L-shaped, galley or island layout, based on the space in your house and the work you cook. Then determine how best to lay out the kitchen cabinets to maximize the efficiency of your workspace and make the best use of all storage spaces.

3. Select your kitchen cabinet plans that reflect your personal style and budget. The plans should also be customized to include any furniture and appliances that you would like to install in your kitchen. It could be a built-in bookshelf for your cookbooks.

4. Make room for as much storage space and counter-top workspace as possible. For example, build the overhead cabinets to the ceiling can help to avoid dust collecting in the gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling.

5. It is important to ensure good lighting. Installing overhead lighting above workspaces can help to avoid shadows being casted. Choosing light colors and softer shades for the cabinets, and making use of natural sunlight can help to make a small kitchen look more spacious.

How to Choose The RIGHT Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinet Project?

Different types of wood vary in their texture, grain pattern and color. Your choice of wood would depend on your budget, kitchen design style and aesthetic preference.

Cherry, a medium reddish brown wood, is popular for its color and uniform grain. However, it is more expensive than many wood types.

Maple is lighter in color compared to cherry. It is great for painted or stained finish as it has a smoother texture.

Red oak is popular for its distinctive grain pattern and rich texture. It is of a lighter brown color.

Pine is more affordable and is popular for use in a traditional or country style kitchen because of its rustic appearance. However, pine is a softer wood so it may be dented or scratched more easily.

Mahogany is a premier wood that is much more expensive than most common type of woods. It is popular because of its deep reddish-brown color, distinctive swirling grain, high lustre when polished and durability.

Which Kitchen Cabinet Style Suits You?

As a minimalist, I like my kitchen to be simple and function.

Shaker style cabinets include flat-panelled doors with rail and stile frames, whereby the wooden panels can also be replaced by glass. The frame and panel construction is sturdy and durable.

Despite their traditional origin, their characteristic simple and clean lines gives them an elegant look that also suits modern kitchen designs.

Woods commonly used for such cabinets include high quality durable wood such as cheery, maple and oak.

More Than Just Kitchen Cabinet Plans…

Once you have mastered the art of cabinet-making, you can proceed to make other cabinets for the rest of your homes, such as for the bathrooms, as the concept is essentially the same.

I highly recommend Ted’s Woodworking as it is a package of more than 16,000 woodworking projects and plans!

On top of high quality kitchen cabinet plans, you will also find lots of great curio cabinet plans, china cabinet plans and many others!

Find Out More…

By now, I hope you have been inspired to revamp your kitchen and have a better idea of your dream kitchen design.

To get started, be sure to check out Ted’s Woodworking by clicking on the link below. I’m sure you will benefit greatly from these high quality cabinet plans as they cater to woodworker of various skill levels.

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