After buying jewelry after jewelry for Valentine’s day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, anniversaries and all, how about making a jewelry box from a variety of jewelry box plans for a change?

You’ll not only be perceived as thoughtful by making sure the jewelries are well taken care of, but you get to showcase your ability to DIY which will definitely make the receiver of your handmade jewelry box extremely happy…

A beautiful and functional jewelry box does not have to be complicated to make. It is actually a downsized storage box or drawer chest, which is fairly straightforward to build and easily accomplished by someone new to woodworking.

Choosing the Best Jewelry Box Plans?

Before taking your tools out and getting ready to your DIY store for your raw materials, you may want to pause and ponder about this – how much jewelries does the receiver have, or which jewelries are going to be stored in your project?

This will determine the kind of jewelry box plans that you will use, and the scale of your project. If it is only going to hold a few pieces of earrings and finger rings, a heart-shaped box or a small box with lid will suffice. If there were a sizeable number to be stored, then I’d recommend you build a chest with drawers instead.

Once you’ve gotten this figured out, you can then start searching for designs that you think she’ll love and get busy!

You’d likely try to search for some of these free woodworking plans for jewelry box online, but chances are, most of the plans will leave you unsatisfied, or even frustrated.

That is because these free plans are usually incomplete and skip through many of the important steps to follow through the project. Not only that, the dimensions might be off or totally left out, and by the time you realize it, you would have wasted money buying the materials and your energy spent trying to get through the guide.

Now, this is usually not a problem for those professional woodworkers with plenty of carpentry experience under their belt, since they only need a template and able to improvise themselves, or even reverse engineer entirely from a finished product.

But beginners need a step-by-step plan, detailed instructions, and easy to understand diagrams for a start. I know it can be extremely disappointing if you failed to make a seemingly simple wooden jewelry box for your loved one. It might even make you question your aptitude for DIY projects.

Fortunately, I’ve found a solution for you!

Introducing Ted’s Jewelry Box Plans…

Ted’s Woodworking is a compilation of woodworking plans on many different wood projects and jewelry box is one of them.

There are 10 different jewelry box plans (if I checked correctly…) that you could use right now and they cover different variations and needs as I outlined above. You’ll get plans for chest-type jewelry box with drawers for large amount of jewelries, as well as plans for the small jewelry boxes that can be wrapped in gift wrapper and presented proudly to your loved ones.

I’ve used the plans and built a three-wood jewelry box (made from 3 different contrasting wood) that produced a very pleasant counterchange when finished, which made my wife very happy… I did modify the plans to suit my needs since the original plan was for a six-wood box.

I like the fact that the plans are presented clearly and one of the biggest takeaway for me is that there are 16,000 project plans in the package for all my woodworking needs.

I have reviewed the product and you may wish to check it out here:

For those with scroll saw experience, there’s a document included for some of the scroll saw designs to make your jewelry box or keepsake box more visually appealing and more memorable to the receiver. You can of course, get many other designs online if the ones included do not appeal to you.

One Big Tip Not Covered in Any Jewelry Box Plans…

Whichever types and styles of jewelry box you choose to build, you have the chance to make it a more memorable and heart-warming gift.

Make sure you personalize the gift by attaching an etched message on a plaque to the inside of the jewelry box. This kind of plaque can be easily ordered from a local trophy shop and does not cost much. But it makes a big difference to the receiver when you go all out of the way to personalize the message this way.

Also, as mentioned above, if there’s a particular design or patterns she likes, consider picking up some scroll saw designs and use it on your gift.

What Next…

I hope I have inspired you to build a unique and interesting gift for your loved ones by using the recommended plans for jewelry box. I wish you the best and hope you enjoyed my tips!

In case you haven’t checked out Ted’s Woodworking package just yet, here’s the link to the official website again:

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