To put it simply, making a gun cabinet involves at least intermediate woodworking skills. However with these gun cabinet plans, you can begin to build your gun cabinet easily, by following the simple diagrams and instructions faithfully.

How Do Most People Store Their Guns and Firearms?

You might not believe it, but during a poll, this question was raised and the response was pretty alarming.

Many people simply apply cable lock to their guns and the guess what is the number one storage area? Under their beds!

Many others simply tuck their guns in the closets or some general drawers, to keep it out of sight.

If you’re looking for quality gun cabinet plans, I’m sure you do not want to do your guns and ammunitions a disservice by doing what so many people are doing above…

In my opinion, a high quality gun cabinet, or if you prefer a gun rack, can offer the necessary safety precaution, while also being one of the striking décor in the home.

Why do You Need A Gun Cabinet?

We all have different reasons for owning guns, but it can be generalized to 2 reasons – hobby and safety.

Having firearms to protect your family from burglary and assault is perfectly reasonable. For this reason, the guns will need to be conveniently placed and easily located, hence the need for a secure and functional gun cabinet.

The gun cabinet will need to be only accessible by you, and absolutely out of reach of small children. In addition to that, it must also be sturdy enough to prevent theft and burglary.

For those hobbyists of either hunting or gun collecting, having a gun cabinet is a no brainer. You’d ideally want a convenient place to admire your collections, as well as easy and secure means to retrieve these guns and ammunitions.

Furthermore, you’ll most likely have a group of friends and neighbors with the same passion as you. If you have an impressive looking gun cabinet sitting there, housing all your collections on display, you’d have made them envious and inspire them to build their very own gun cabinets…

Why You Should Take Your Gun Cabinet Project Plans Seriously?

As we’re dealing with the storage of equipment that can potentially inflict serious damage if they’re in the wrong hands, the quality construction of one cannot be understated…

When it comes to guns and firearms, safe gun handling is crucial and should be known to you before you purchase, and the same knowledge must also be taught to your family members.

Storage wise, as a rule of thumb, the guns and ammunitions must be stored separately, with different locks for the storage. The most common gun cabinets consist of 2 very distinct storage compartments.

The upper case is long vertically with the base serving several stockholders depending on the number of guns that will be stored. These stockholders keep your guns sitting nicely in the cabinet, as well as providing the ease of placement as well as removal.

The lower case generally comprises of a series of drawers for the storage of smaller handguns and ammunitions. Separate locks are necessary to ensure the key, which unlocks the upper case, cannot be used to unlock the lower case.

The gun cabinet plans that I’m recommending outlines this type of gun cabinets which has the most form and function combined.

Important Considerations When You Build Your Gun Cabinets

One of the most common mistakes in building a gun cabinet I observe is that people often get loss in details until the core principles are forgotten.

For example, some people meticulously choose their wood and build their storage cabinets in admirable craftsmanship, but they neglect one very important detail, which will keep the firearms safe from unauthorized personnel, by using glass as the material of choice for the front door.

This is a recipe for disaster as anyone, even the toddlers in the house, can toss a hard object and shatter the glass to gain access to these double-edged swords that you so wanted to protect.

You need to use double strength, shatterproof glass or impact resistant acrylic to enforce the functionality of the cabinet, while maintaining a look of elegance in your new furniture set.

Depending on the choice of front door, the weight of it implies that the corner construction that will house the glass must be of sufficient strength.

Your gun cabinet plans need to reflect that so that you are made aware of these facts.

If you’ve built any sorts of cabinets, then a gun cabinet will be an upgrade of that experience. Because it is an important piece of cabinet or furniture, you should not rush to get it done.

I’ll recommend that you set aside enough time for it, as many parts need to be cut to angles and you have many different parts of differing dimensions, unlike the standard bookcases for example. The glued parts should also be left to dry overnight, plus you probably require some minor iteration if you’re not very familiar with the different tools and techniques required.

So use the gun cabinet plans among other project plans from Ted’s Woodworking and be patient in building your own gun cabinet. Upon accomplishing it, you’d not only have an eye-catching gun cabinet that will draw envy, but you’ve also gain invaluable woodworking skills that will bring your craft to a new level.

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