A desk is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in any bedroom or study room. Using the high quality desk plans from Ted’s Woodworking, you’ll be getting a range of plans, ranging from computer desk plans, to regular wood desk plans of different variations.

As a side note, the package is not entirely dedicated to woodworking plans about desks, but a host of other wood project plans as well. I recommend you check it out to get your creative juice flowing.

Why Are Desk Plans Important?

A desk is often called the heart of the room, for the right reasons. If you want to get anything serious done, be it working on your laptop, writing something, working out your accounts, you’ll need a functional desk.

I like my desks to have ample storage space, for filing purposes and putting stuff that are not of immediate use such as stationary out of sight, so that I can concentrate on what’s in front of me.

Having a variety of good quality desk plans enable me to build my own desk according to requirements, for a fraction of the retail price. If I want to place my desk in the corner, I can just build a corner desktop table. If I need a cabinet desk under a loft bed, I can work on it too by referring to these plans.

By eliminating the headache of searching high and low for the right desk in the retail stores and furniture shops, I can focus on what truly matters – building a functional and elegant desk.

A Glimpse of Some of the Plans Included

Here is a list of wood desk plans that are included:

Writing, office and study desk plans
These are the basic writing table that every room needs. There are a few variations of this, and highly customizable. Need a larger desk? Just scale accordingly.

Computer desk plans
Although many of us only use laptops for our computing needs, there are still people who prefer to work on desktop computers and in need of a computer table to place the monitors, printers, and other home office gadgets. You’ll get many different computer desk plans and be able to pick one that is suitable for your needs.

Corner study desk and desktop plans
Corner desks are popular, because it saves space, and especially useful in a shared bedroom where each can get his or her own private working space. Other reasons include lighting, the location of window, etc. But having these corner desk plans could come in handy when the need for a corner working station arises.

Roll top desk plans
There are many workaholics who love to work until they are tired and will continue any unfinished tasks upon waking up. They need the tools and materials to be exactly where it was the night before to avoid disrupting the momentum. At the same time, the clutter is better off hidden from sight and a roll top desk is perfect for these folks.

Shaker sewing desk plans
For those who sew as a hobby or profession, you’d be no stranger to a Shaker sewing desk. Originally built by the Shaker community, the sewing desk is very functional yet unpretentious. The many small and thoughtfully designed compartments are designed for storage of all your sewing needs.

Desk organizers plans and many other desk accessories
Sometimes people outgrow the desks that they’ve been working in for years. While building a bigger desk is the obvious solution, some people grow attached to certain desks and opt to add additional functionalities to it.

For example, a desk organizer can be placed on top of an existing desk to add more storage and even display area. Additionally, mobile cabinets are almost always necessary for those who file extensively. The growing number of stationary may also require a proper holder to avoid cluttering the workspace.

Fancy an additional printer cabinet? Ted’s Woodworking has got it covered as well…

The Only Shortcomings of the Computer Desk Plans in the Package

Having reviewed the included plans including the section of desks plans of the package, I found a few shortcomings worth mentioning so that you can make a better decision.

A few of these computer desk plans are blueprints from as far as a decade ago, where computer monitors were bulky with an extended back, and when desktop personal computer (PC) comes loaded with a Central Processing Unit (CPU) of admirable size.

Computers today have much smaller flat-screen monitors and the CPUs are more compact as compared to 10 years ago. Apple iMac go one notch further by having it’s CPU directly integrated with the monitor hardware, doing without the traditional CPU hardware.

Therefore, you may find that some of the computer desks plans have features that cater to these bulky hardware which are outdated and requires some improvisations on your own, to suit your needs.

Having said that, the modifications are fairly easy, and you can actually keep that as it is. The extra space on the monitor allows for more writing space, while I’ve personally inserted drawers in the space designed for CPU to gain more storage space, since I only work on my laptop.

This is very doable for anyone with a little woodworking skills and I thought I should point it out to you before you check out the package.

Find Out More…

By now, you should have realized the advantages of having a set of workable desk plans and all the accompanying project plans in case you need to expand on your existing work area. Be sure to check out Ted’s Woodworking by clicking on the link below:


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