About Me

Hi, my name is Edgar and I’m proud to pick up woodworking as a hobby!

I would like to take this opportunity on my blog here to share with you my experience as a beginner to woodworking, to having a set of skill sets and carpentry experience that I’m proud of.

I used to think that building something for the house would take too much time and that the learning curve is so huge, that I would never be one of those DIY-ers. However, things took a turn when I wanted to give my granddaughter a lovely surprise and that was when I started trying to build a toy rocking horse for her.

It didn’t go well at first, but after I picked up a set of plans that I still hold onto today, I managed to steer off to the right path and began picking up experience and more advanced skills as I started to engage myself in more woodworking projects.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my experience and hope that they are of value to you.

I don’t claim to be an expert woodworker, but I just love sharing with other people and if my opinions do not resonate with you, please do not take it to heart.

Thank you for visiting MinimalistWoodworking.com!


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